Castrol RR363



Castrol RR363 is a synthetic central hydraulic fluid. It is formulated from mixed polyalkylene glycol ethers and corrosion inhibitors to exceed the requirements of SAE J1703, FMVSS116 DOT3 and ISO 4925 brake fluid specifications.

Castrol RR363 is specially designed for use in powered hydraulic systems requiring a glycol ether type fluid, such as those used in Rolls Royce vehicles manufactured prior to 1980, having a chassis number of less than 50000. It is the only fluid approved by Rolls Royce for use in this application. Although Castrol RR363 is miscible with conventional synthetic brake fluid, this fluid not be used for topping up, as this practice may lead to serious reduction in fluid performance. This fluid is also suitable for use in place of LHS2 in pre 1966 Citroen models fitted with a black reservoir.

Castrol RR363 is specially formulated to be compatible with neoprene hoses used in certain Rolls Royce braking systems as well as other elastomers used in conventional automotive braking systems.

Castrol RR363 contains a balanced mix of additives to impart excellent corrosion protection to the various metals used in a braking system. Castrol RR363 has exceptional lubricity properties which are necessary in the severe fluid environment of a powered hydraulic system. This has the effect of reducing pump wear, noise and prolonging the service life of the system. It is strongly recommended that the fluid is changed regularly according to the vehicle manufacturer’s advice.

NB As with other brake fluids ,Castrol RR363 will have a damaging effect on paintwork. In case of spillage rinse the affected area with water immediately- do not wipe.


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