Castrol Hydraulic System Mineral Oil Plus



Castrol Hydraulic System Mineral OIl Plus is a specially formulated mineral fluid for use in later Rolls-Royce and Bentley hydraulic systemswhere a mineral oil is specified.

This product is specifically designed for use in powered hydraulic systems which use a pump to drive components used in brake actuation and suspension levelling systems. Such a system is used in all Rolls Royce vehicles with serial numbers 50.001 onwards and identification numbers from SCA 0000 ACH 01001 onwards. These vehicles manufactured after 1979, possess special reservoirs which prevent contamination with any other fluids.

This product should never be mixed with conventional synthetic brake fluids or used where this type of product is recommended.


For hydraulic systems fitted to earlier models of Rolls Royce, the use of Castrol RR363 is recommended. The use of this fluid was phased in about 1980 and vehicles using this fluid have a metal reservoir.

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