Castrol LHM Plus (Citroen)



Castrol LHM + is specifically designed for use in powered hydraulic systems, which generally incorporate a pump driving such components as brake actuation, suspension levelling and power steering. Castrol LHM + is a mineral based fluid specially designed for Citroen hydraulic systems with green reservoirs.


Castrol LHM+ is formulated using thermally stable mineral oils and additives. It has a wide working temperature range of between -40°C to 100°C

Castrol LHM+ contains corrrosion inhibitors and antioxidants providing excellent corrosion protection to all metals components and compatibility to all elastomeric components found within automotive powered hydraulic systems recommneding this type fluid. This product has a very high viscosity index (VI) which means the products viscosity changes less with tempearture than many other similar products. It is very sheer stable ensuring the unique viscometric properties of the fluid are maintained for longer throughout its service life.

Castrol LHM+ has excellent lubricity performance ensuring reduced wear and longer component life.

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